Mother Hopes Stalking Bill Will Help Save Lives

Richmond, VA—Stalking is currently a misdemeanor offense, but a bill headed to Governor McDonnell's desk would make it a more serious offense. After the death of her daughter allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, a local mother hopes the bill will help save lives.

Sheila Green's daughter Tiffany was killed last year. Tiffany had filed a protective order against him, but it still didn't prevent her tragic death. Her ex-boyfriend was arrested, but Green wanted to know what could have been done to try and save her child. After talking to lawmakers, she realized how common the problem is, and that a bill to make stalking a more serious offense had failed repeatedly for seven straight years.

“I guess a lot of parents felt like I felt at the time, like it was just a slap in the face like it was being ignored,” says Green.

The bill was first introduced after the murder of D'nora Hill. Eight years ago, Hill was gunned down by her ex-boyfriend, despite filing a protective order against him. Hill's death is just one of many involving ex-husbands and boyfriends who have murdered women…even after protective order have been filed.

The bill on its way to becoming law would make stalking a more serious crime for repeat offenders who have committed assault or have protective orders against them.

Green is hopeful that the bill will change lives for the better.

“I just hope in the future, no parent will have to go through what I've been through. “

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