Family Rallies Around Local Boy Battling Rare Eye Disease

Colonial Heights—Many believe that a picture is worth a thousands words, but now, a picture can also help save a child's eyesight.

3-year-old Jaxon Gibbs has spent half of his young life battling a very rare disorder, called Coats' Disease; less than 200,000 Americans have this sickness.

One of the most noticeable symptoms of Coats' disease is a yellow glow on the eye in photos.

Jaxon's mom Elke Gibbs explains, “The red blood vessels in the back of your eye burst and over time they get so bad they keep bursting and bursting and you're retina becomes detached.”

The detached retina leads to blindness, which Jaxon already has in his left eye. As the disease progresses, a patient's eye sometimes has to be removed. That may be the next step for Jaxon, so his family and friends have launched the “Know Coats'” campaign, to raise awareness about the disease…especially the tell-tale yellow glowing eye symptom.

The fundraiser is being held on national “Rare Disease Awareness Day,” in hopes that another child's vision may be saved.

Elke Gibbs adds, “It's also to let him know we're fighting with him to help him with his battle as a family.”

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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