Hanover Schools Pass Slimmed-Down Budget

Hanover, VA—After weeks of tense
debate, the Hanover County Public Schools board passed a budget tonight,
closing the $5.4 million gap.

most controversial part of the proposed budget, the “pay to play” option, is
gone. Students will not have to pay to play a sport.

16 positions will be eliminated, though not as many as originally thought. The
eliminated positions will be filled through attrition.

parents and teachers  wanted more money
to go towards computers and software; funds will go towards these items, though
not as much money will be funneled into technology as they some would have

are teaching Windows 2003,” said educator Janice Maino. “Most of the students
that I teach were two years old when this came out.”

Matthew Hyland agreed, “It's really frustrating when the computers are slow and
we're trying to get something done fast.”

the most disappointing part of the budget to certain educators and parents:
high school teachers will have an extra class every day.

parent Chriistiane Riederu said, “The teachers have been kind of pushed to the
point where we're gonna start losing teachers.”

weeks, Hanover
parents, students and teacher have actively voiced their concerns about the
budget, holding rallies and meetings. But with the presentation of the
slimmed-down budget, most acknowledge that school leaders acted responsibly,
even with the cuts.

told 8News, “I think Dr. Wilson did then best she could with the limited funds
that she has.”

with 8News for updates.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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