VA Woman Sues Ex-Boyfriend For Cyber Attacks

(ABC News)–A Virginia woman is suing her ex-boyfriend after he tormented her and
her teenage daughter by posting their photos on prostitution sites,
sending dozens of men to their home, and distributing nude photos of the
woman to her co-workers, her daughter and her daughter's friends.

The year long harassment caused the woman to lose her job in a bank and
forced her to change her name, the woman's complaint states. ABC News is
withholding the woman's new name.

Soraida Hicks' ex-boyfriend, Bruce Stimon, pleaded guilty in December
2012 to stalking, felony identity theft, and extortion. He was sentenced
on Jan. 25 to three years in prison.

Now Hicks and her daughter Pam, 16, have filed a $20 million civil suit
against Stimon. She is claiming slander, libel, and infliction of
emotional distress, according to court documents.

“I didn't think that he was going to be crazy,” Hicks told ABC Washington D.C. affiliate WJLA. Hicks could not be reached for comment by

Hicks and Stimon, who is 46, met on a plane traveling from Boston to
Washington in the fall of 2011, and the two started a long-distance
relationship. Hicks lives in Arlington, Va., and Stimon lived in
Kensington, N.H.

According to Hicks' attorney, David Shurtz, Stimon showered Hicks with
gifts, even buying Hicks an iPhone and paying for her service on his
family plan.

But Shurtz said Stimon used the iPhone as a way to make himself the only
man in her life, and he gained access to Hicks' contacts and emails in
order to control her.

According to the complaint, “the gift was a deliberate plot to
surreptitiously keep track of all the contacts and comings and goings of

Hicks was unaware of her boyfriend's monitoring until January 2012 when
she learned that Stimon “had created a web site advertising her services
as a prostitute,” according to the complaint. At the time Hicks was in
Paraguay visiting her parents, a trip Stimon had financed.

Stimon posted Hicks' name and address, as well as her photos, on web
sites advertising prostitution, and listed Hicks' supervisor at her
workplace as her point of contact, the complaint states.

“He was creating an artificial theory so that he would be the only man
she would contact,” Shurtz said. “And the theory was that she was under a
cyber attack. And he came to her and said, 'Ah ha! I will be your white
knight and I will stop the cyber attack.'”

Instead, Hicks broke up with Stimon and reported the harassment to the Arlington County Police Department.

“From January to probably about March, we were just trying to compile
information and figure out what was going on,” said Det. Angela Comer of
the Arlington County Police Department.

Stimon's cyber attacks escalated. He sent explicit photographs of Hicks
to her friends and co-workers, causing Hicks to lose her job as a
financial sales consultant at a bank, according to the complaint.

He created a fake Twitter account and sent videos of Hicks and himself
having sex to Hicks' daughter and her daughters' friends. The videos
were taken without Hicks' consent, the complaint said. It also stated
that Stimon also advertised both mother and daughter for sex, sending
men to her apartment nearly 60 times.

The investigation involved several sections of the Arlington County Police Department.

“The commonwealth attorneys, the tactical unit, just about every unit in our department had a hand on this case,” Comer said.

Comer said Hicks filed a protective order against Stimon in June 2012.
When he came to court to dispute the order, he was arrested for
“stalking, unlawful filming, and use of a person's identity to harass,”
but was released on bond a few months later, Comer said.

Police tried to keep Hicks' phone number a secret from Stimon, but it
frequently needed to be changed as Stimon would figure it out and harass
Hicks, Comer said.

In November police caught Stimon slashing Hicks' car tires near her
home. He was arrested and charged with destruction of property,
stalking, and violating the protective order Hicks had filed against

“What was so devastating to Mr. Stimon was that when he was caught, his
computer and cell phone were in his car, and they became evidence,” said

Copyright 2013 by ABC News

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