Animal Advocate: Puppies’ Deaths Were Preventable

Petersburg, VA—A local animal rescuer
is upset, after she says a dog gave birth alone at the Petersburg Animal
Shelter…and sadly, three of her four puppies did not survive.

Jill Navary says the dog
she was waiting to adopt was left alone at the shelter while she gave birth to
a litter of puppies.

“She went into labor at
the shelter alone, she was left alone,” Jill told 8News. “She delivered two
puppies [at the shelter]. After several hours of labor, they took her to the
vet and three of the puppies didn't make it.”

When Jill went to the veterinarian's
office to see the animals, she said the vet's tech gave her shocking news.

“The two puppies that
were born at the shelter, when they made it to the vet, I was told by the vet
tech yesterday that their temperature was so low it didn't register on the
thermometer. Were they not wrapped in a blanket or heating pad?”

Jill says that this is
the latest of several incidents she witnessed at the Petersburg Animal Shelter.
She filed a formal complaint a few weeks ago, outlining the things she's seen
first-hand which have disturbed her. 8News took those complaints to the

After several failed
attempts to reach the Petersburg Animal Shelter by phone, we traveled to the Petersburg
Animal Shelter, and spoke with an employee. The employee told us he didn't know
much about the situation, and asked us to contact shelter's supervisor. As of
6:00 p.m. Thursday, we are still waiting for a response.

Jill Navary feels the
puppies' deaths could have been prevented, and that the Petersburg Animal
Shelter has a history of problems.

“I've witnessed many
incidents…no food, no water,” Jill told 8News.

After investigating, we
found that from 2008-2011, the shelter had multiple infractions (view documents below). Most of them
were regarding building conditions and lack of proper documentation for
euthanization. In 2011, all euthanizations were suspended, because the people
administering them were not certified. The drugs and doses used in the
euthanizations were also not approved.

We asked the state veterinarian,
who oversees the shelter once a year, why the same problems had gone
uncorrected year after year. We were told that shelters are usually given time
to correct their problems.

In 2012, the Petersburg
Animal Shelter passed its inspection with flying colors, and inspectors say conditions
have improved greatly.

But Jill disagrees, and
says there are still problems there. She has filed a formal complaint with the
city, and police are investigating.

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Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

Inspection Reports: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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