Grill Safety Tips Ahead Of The Super Bowl

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Before you fire up your grill this weekend for the big game, there are a few grill safety tips you need to be aware of.

Unlike the gas appliances inside your home, your grill continues to pump out gas even if the burner goes out.

As the gas builds up, a flash fire can happened when you go to light the grill.

It's what happened to ESPN's Hannah Storm who was badly injured in a grilling accident.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there's an average of 140 injures and 10 deaths every year from grills.

Henrico County Fire Captain James Mellon says before you gas up, you need to do a visual check, making sure the grill is clean, away from anything flammable and has no cracks for gas to leak out.

“You have to take safety measures or your next cookout can be a complete disaster,” said Capt. James Mellon with the Henrico Fire Department.


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