New Strain Of Norovirus Extremely Contagious

Richmond, VA—As a new strain of norovirus sweeps the country, there has been at least one outbreak here in Richmond.

Dr. Douglas Powell practices at Patient First; he's seen a number of patients come into his office within the last month—all of them showing symptoms of the norovirus.

“We've been seeing vomiting, diarrhea, a little bit of fever. Potentially some dehydration. Stomach cramping,” Dr. Douglas Powell said.

There are currently 48 confirmed outbreaks of norovirus in the state of Virginia; the newest outbreak is in Richmond.  

The new type of norovirus, the Sydney Strain, is highly contagious, and resistant to hand sanitizer and sanitizers.

A key way to beat the germs? Wash your hands—with soap and water—frequently. Also, never touch your face while out in public or at work, because your hands pick up all types of germs that can be transferred to the inside of your body through your eyes, nose or mouth.

If you get the virus, it can stay in your body up to five days…and doctors recommend staying away from others until you're sure you're well.

Dr. Powell advises, “If you're ill, stay at home. Don't go back to work, don't go back to school because that is going to contaminate others.”

The norovirus is extremely dangerous for the elderly and children, and there isn't any kind of medication to treat the illness at this time. If you notice symptoms, see a doctor right away.

Stay with 8News for updates.


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