2 Young Girls Nearly Abducted From Richmond Neighborhood

Richmond, VA—On Wednesday evening,
police say a man attempted to abduct 2 young girls from their neighborhood, and
now, residents are expressing their alarm.

girls were nearly abducted from the 2800 block of P Street in Richmond on January 23, shortly before 6 p.m.

neighbor feel that police need to patrol the area more, and neighborhood watch
efforts should be stronger.

needs to be some of the things we used to do in this neighborhood,” said
Barbara Terry.

also cites concern about a nearby school: “I do know there was a middle school
over here, and these kids go up and down the street, up and down this alley…and
predators could be anywhere. I don't even know how many sexual offenders live
in this neighborhood.

Terry and other neighbors feel that there should be more street lights in the
area, because it becomes very dark during the evening hours and children
walking the sidewalks are vulnerable.

aren't releasing any details about this crime, because they are in the very
early stages of investigation. If you have information that could help Richmond
Police with this incident, please call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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