AAA: How To Drive Safely In Winter Weather

Richmond, VA—As
winter weather moves across central Virginia,
AAA shares safe driving tips may help drivers avoid accidents on slick

biggest thing for drivers to remember is to ease off the gas during wintry

up and slow down,” said AAA Spokesperson Windy VanCuren

is also important to make sure your view is unobstructed, and that your ride
gets off to a good start.

up and then you just want to ease out…make sure your lights are on, make sure
your windows are clear,” Windy advises.

should drivers do if their car begins to skid on black ice or rain-washed

you start to slide and you want your car to go to the right, you want to steer
your wheel toward the right,” said Windy.  “Basically, where you want the front of the
car to go is what you want to do. As soon as you start skidding, you want to
take your foot off the gas and brake. Ease it off slowly so you aren't putting
pressure, and just stay alert, to not to panic.”

worst case scenarios, Windy says it's best to stay calm.

a deep breath and try to control your momentum…control the way you are going to

with 8News for updates.


Copyright 2013 by Young
Broadcasting of Richmond

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