Teen Girl Shot With Stun Gun At Richmond Bus Stop

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Richmond, VA–A teenage girl is recovering, after she was beaten and shot in the face with a stun gun at a Richmond City bus stop Saturday.

The 16-year-old girl's face was severely bruised after the attack, which happened after she got off a city bus Saturday evening.

The victim say s a group of people were harassing her and her friend on the bus; when she got off at a downtown stop, six girls followed her. The group ganged up on her, beat her and shot her body three times with a stun gun–and once in the eye.

A graphic photo shows severe swelling in the girl's eye.

The victim's mother–who spoke with 8News on the condition that her and her daughter's identity remain anonymous–says she is outraged by the crime.

“Right now I'm just full of rage, I'm livid. I'm not even mad, I'm beyond that point. I'm just thanking God she's alive.”

She calls her daughter her “hero,” and is amazed at the girl's strength.

“She's endured something that even grown men couldn't even withstand. I can't even imagine what she went through. I don't even think I can imagine or fathom what she went through.”

The girl's mother said other people witnessed the incident…but the on-lookers didn't step in to help her child. She also says no one in the family knew the attackers, and can't imagine why they would do this to her daughter.

“Literally, you can't even fathom it. Is this the real world? is this a dream?”

Stay with 8News for updates.

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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