Petersburg Schools Superintendent Unveils 7-Point Plan

*8News Anchor/Reporter Amy Lacey was there today when Dr. Melvin unveiled a detailed plan for Petersburg Schools…hear her full report tonight at 5, only on 8News.*

Petersburg, VA—At a news conference Thursday, new Petersburg Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph Melvin said he was there for “the long haul,” and unveiled a seven-point priority plan to move the school district forward.

Dr. Melvin was hired by the school district in September, and his employment became effective December 3.

The points of Dr. Melvin's plan include:

–The first priority is to ensure that strong and consistent leadership is provided for every school and department throughout the school division.

–The second priority is to increase student achievement at all levels and grades. “This will happen with detailed focus on professional development for staff with assistance from division partners and thorough review of instructional programs,” said Melvin.

–The third priority is to meet state accreditation and all federal mandates.  “This can only occur through instructional excellence and a focus on data decision making,” said Melvin.

–The fourth priority is an intense focus on early literacy in grades pre-k through grade 5.

–The fifth priority is building a 21st century environment.

–The sixth priority is to ensure that our schools are safe.

–The seventh priority is to improve communication among all division stakeholders.

“My intent is to form focus committees for each priority and to develop a strategic plan for implementation. The goal is to have these priorities in place by the upcoming school year,” said Melvin.

“It's a full plate but I'm here for the long haul. My intent is to have longevity in this position. The past is not my focal point. I'm looking at the present and toward the future,” he added.

Dr. Melvin also announced the new assistant superintendent of schools, Stephanie Bassett.  Ms. Bassett will begin on February 1, 2013 and is joining Dr. Melvin from Essex County.       


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