EXCLUSIVE: Dog Rescued From Richmond Sewer

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Richmond, VA– Richmond Fire officials helped bring a happy end to a stressful situation, when they rescued a dog that became trapped in a sewer Wednesday afternoon.

Dog owner Sasha Hogan told 8News that she grew concerned when her dog, Ramsey, didn't return to her home with her other pet.

“The one dog came back right away,” Hogan said. “And I kept calling her. And Ramsey, the one who's in the sewer, she's the one who usually comes back right away. So I went looking anywhere I could think of.”

As Hogan walked around her home, located in the 5200 block of Patterson Avenue, she heard barking from below.

“I looked all around the back and then I came back and thought I'd look in the sewer, and that's when I heard the barking.”

When she realized that it was Ramsey barking to be freed from the sewer, she flagged down a police officer parked nearby.

Moments later, Richmond Fire trucks lined the block, and crews set to work trying to retrieve the dog.

Ramsey was wedged into a tight, small space in the sewer, 8 feet below ground. A firefighter crawled into the sewer and brought Ramsey out, without a single scratch.

Hogan thanked rescuers as she joyfully reunited with her pet.

“You got a bath, didn't you? You're okay. You're okay, Ramsey.”

Copyright 2013 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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