Chesterfield County Girl, Cancer Patient Inspires

CHESTERFIELD, VA—A Chesterfield County girl diagnosed with a rare and deadly type of Leukemia is overcoming the odds with her family and friends by her side.

Campbell, or as she's known by her friends, “soup,” is able to spend the holidays at home, with her family. But it's what she's endured over the last few months that make her the model of courage.

In August, Campbell was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia that's seldom found in children.

“We had just returned from a trip, vacation to Disney World and she was ill and had a fever and was not responding to antibiotics,” Steve Brandt, Campbell's father recalls of the diagnosis.

Campbell would need extensive treatment.

“She's been in the hospital a tremendous amount, we go in patient for chemo rounds and we're there anywhere from three nights to nine, been there as many as nine nights,” Kim Brandt, Campbell's mother said.

But Campbell is pushing through with the help of her family.

“Stuff hurts, but you gotta push through it,” Campbell Brandt said.

“It amazes me that she can go for chemo in the morning and come home and play with her brother or go outside and ride her bike, do school work,” Kim Brandt said of her daughter's strength.

And it's not just her family that's helping Campbell overcome. The staff at The Children's Hospital of Richmond, neighbors and others have made the family's fight much easier.

“There's a lot of teachers at the hospital, and there's a music teacher so I've been learning to play the piano so I want a keyboard,” Campbell said.

And this little girl has big plans for the future, hoping to get a certain county music singer to visit the Children's Hospital of Richmond.

“Carrie Underwood is coming in March, so we invited her to come to the hospital and sing with me and my friends,” Campbell said.

Campbell even posted a YouTube video, asking Underwood to visit the hospital while in Richmond this coming March.

“If you could stop by in March and visit me at the VCU Medical Center, that would be pretty cool,” Campbell said in the video.

Campbell's father says his daughter has some treatments remaining, but her cancer is in remission.


Copyright 2012 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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