Richmond Animal Welfare Group Spreads Holiday Cheer

RICHMOND, VA—A local animal rescue group played Santa to some lucky pooches on Christmas Eve.

The non-profit group Gracie's Guardians handed out treats, bones and tennis balls to dog owners Monday.

Named after one of the pit bulls seized from Michael Vick's dog-fighting ring, the group is aimed at improving the lives of pit bulls in the Richmond area and is an initiative of the Richmond Animal League.

The group says it's not the breed that behaves badly, just certain owners.

“There is a lot of negative perceptions, and a lot of it is because people want it for the wrong reasons,” said Will Lowrey with Gracie's Guardians.

“They go have interactions with other people and they think it's the dog's fault when it's the people,” said Lowrey.

Michael Ledford, who owns three pit bill mixes, says the dogs are misunderstood.

“They are excellent with kids; in fact, I think they'll sister to the kids more than me but they are nice dogs,” Michael Ledford said.

The group worked hard in 2012, spreading their message. They put billboards on GRTC busses and even showed a documentary about pit bulls.

For more information about Gracie's Guardians, visit their WEBSITE.


Copyright 2012 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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