Convict Tries To Escape, Gets Stuck In Wall

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(ABC News)–A barrel-chested convict was left screaming for help while he became
wedged halfway through a wall after an attempted escape from a Brazilian
prison went awry.

Rafael Valadão, a stocky, tattooed inmate being held in a prison in
Ceres, Brazil, had to be rescued by firemen on Monday night, Brazilian paper Jornal Populacional reported.
The 28-year-old had followed a fellow prisoner through a hole made with
a metal shower pipe in the shower of a cell that was shared by four

Though one smaller man went through first and managed to escape,
Valadão went second, and was just too big to squeeze through. While
attempting to flee, Valadão suffered from a suspected fractured rib, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported.

“He has a very large physique, and is also very tall,” local fireman
Lt. Tiago Costa told the Telegraph. “The other prisoners tried to push
him but he stayed stuck in the wall. He started screaming in pain, and
that was when the prison guards were alerted.”

Officer Alexandre Alvim told Jornal Populacional  that Valadão had been arrested for theft.

After fireman smashed through the rest of the wall to free Valadão,
who was reportedly screaming in pain, he was returned to his cell,
officers discovered a suitcase full of clothing that he had apparently
packed in advance of his anticipated escape.

Local police said that four inmates were in Valadão's cell. The
smaller prisoner, who is still at large, threw a bag of clothes over a
fence to collect afterwards.

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