Chester Amazon Facility Blamed For Dangerous Traffic

Residents in a Chesterfield County community are blaming Amazon's new warehouse for what they say is a dangerous increase in traffic.

Residents of the Rivers Bend community off of Route 10 say drivers are using their neighborhood to get to the Meadowville Technology Park, speeding and causing accidents.

“Even pulling out in my car I feel like people are going so fast coming off the freeway there, you're taking your life in your hands just to leave the neighborhood,” said resident Tara Ciurash.

Monday, a woman driving across Rivers Bend Boulevard on Kingston Avenue was t-boned by an SUV, suffering life-threatening injuries. Residents are afraid it's the first of many more serious crashes because of an influx of Amazon employees now driving in their neighborhood.

8News reporter Mark Tenia found the root of the problem is the route workers are taking to get to the Amazon facility. Instead of driving just a little further down Route 10, getting onto Interstate 295 and off at a dedicated exit for the technology park, drivers are taking Rivers Bend Boulevard creating too much traffic for the neighborhood road to handle.

Residents are afraid the situation will only get worse if nothing is done.

“I hope to God not but a young child or children actually being killed because we had drivers that were not aware of what was going on in front of them,” said Sam Jones with the Rivers Bend homeowners' association.

Chesterfield officials are encouraging workers to use the I-295 route. They said they do not plan to make any changes to roads in the area.

Copyright 2012 by Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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