WRIC’s DWTS All-Stars Super Blog: Melissa’s Recap 10

“Dancing with the Stars” Recap:  The Finale—Ladies' Night!

     I cannot believe that it is here folks, one more night and that sparkly, twinkly, mirror-ball trophy will be awarded to one hard-working All-Star, (and much deserving pro).  There will be two dances tonight, and repeat dance, and that dance that we wait for all season….yes….the Freestyle!  This year it isn't just any freestyle, they have changed yet another rule, and it is a super-sized freestyle, meaning the dancers can bring in props, and other dancers, anything they can think of to make it that much better!  With the talented and creative people left this season, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this, and I know that you are too!  Let's take our final look at how they did tonight. 

     For their repeat dance, Kelly and Val are doing their paso doble, and this is truly her best dance.  She is strong and powerful when she dances this particular dance.  They have managed to make it to the finals without ever receiving a “10” and clearly they are hoping to change that.  They have a wonderful performance that is almost perfect, with the exception of a slip of their hands, and it was noticeable.  They went to “catch” hands and missed.  It was painful, and I hated it for them.  I have no idea why Len and Bruno scored them the way they did, unless they felt bad about the fact that they had never received a “10” before, but, it was not justified in this dance. 

Scores: (Carrie Ann-9.5, Len-10, Bruno-10)                           Total—29.5                

    For their super-sized freestyle they bring us their version of “Dirty Dancing”, with a full gospel choir and the DWTS troupe!  Maks looked the part in all black, and Kelly was in baby pink.  The only tiny let-down was that they merely repeated the dance, and didn't really add to it, however, they repeated it exceptionally well.  This was a lovely way for her to end her story on DWTS, and I believe the story will continue with Maks.  She looks incredibly happy and I think she will be fine, win, lose, or draw. 

  Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-9.5, Bruno-10)            Total—29.5     Overall Total (59/60)

     Melissa and Tony have chosen the samba as their repeat dance, as they received all 9's previously and want to improve on that score.  It looked as if they truly had a party on the floor this time, they were perfect, making improvements, and really just enjoying themselves.  Her lines were amazing, there were absolutely no mistakes, and Len called Melissa the “Carnival Queen.”  They nailed it this time and pure happiness radiates from these two. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)               Total—30                               

     Because they have regrets regarding their last freestyle (and they are the only couple to not win a mirror-ball trophy), they are determined to make this freestyle perfect.  They have decided to go for a contemporary piece, bringing in acrobats on cubes twirling in the air, and it was a true masterpiece that showed how far Melissa has come.  It is hard not to want this as much for Tony as for Melissa, because they truly dance as one.  I, myself, have never seen a dance make Len as emotional as this piece did, even making him exclaim that he wished he had an “11'' to award them.   

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)    Total—30      Overall Total (60/60)

      Shawn and Derek have broken the rules for much of this season, so it should have some as no surprise that they chose their quickstep as the repeat dance, it was disappointing however, to the judges, and probably to some fans as well.  Don't get me wrong, it is an amazing number, a true showstopper.  However, it breaks the rules, and that is what the freestyle is all about, and that was the next number!  We have seen that quickstep three times before (it was originally Helios', and then Shawn and Derek did it, and then they did it as an encore).  There was an entire pre-package about how they knew it broke all the rules, but, they were going for it.  I think it is just a smack in the face of what the show is about, and I think it is unfortunate.  I believe that Derek dances for Derek at times, and he needs to think about his partner more, but, they are a dynamic duo, there is no denying that

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-8.5, Bruno-9.5)               Total—27                               

    Talk about redemption, Shawn and Derek brought in the Fantastic Five for their freestyle; that's right, the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team.  Who does that?  This routine was a perfect medley of all that is Shawn and Derek.  It had a little bit of all of the dances that they have done this season, and some amazing acrobatics that have never been seen before.  It was pretty amazing to watch, and to see the whole team together was spectacular.  This was sharp, glamorous, precise, and pretty much perfect. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)    Total—30      Overall Total (57/60)     

   This was the best set of freestyles that I have ever seen, and tonight the couples have one more routine they have to perform.  They have no idea what it is, all they know is that it is either the jive, cha-cha, or the samba, so they have had to prepare all three!  It is what is known as the “Instant Dance”, and the points for that dance will be added from last night, and the viewer votes as well.  I hope that Melissa and Tony pull it out as I think they grown the most and are truly the best dancers left.  Who are your favorites?  Do you have a favorite routine from this season?  This has been so much fun for me, and I am truly going to miss this every week.  Remember to dance, life is too short not to. 

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