WRIC’s DWTS All-Stars Super Blog: Melissa’s Recap 9

“Dancing with the Stars” Recap 9:  Who's ‘Bad'?

     It is the semi-finals dance fans, and while everyone is exhausted, they are in it to win it!  We have seen many curveballs thrown at the competitors this season, but, this one has to be the one that people will be talking about at the water cooler today!  (Do people still do that?).  Last week, the couples choose dance styles for each other, and they were a style that has never been done before, with a new (and outlandish theme attached).  It makes for great TV folks.  The second dance will be to a Michael Jackson song from his “Bad” album, to mark its 25th anniversary, and his mother Kathryn was in the audience.  Will the new dance styles trip up our All-Stars, or even the Pros?  Who will be the best at being ‘Bad'?  I know you cannot wait to find out, so read on my friends!

     Doing the Caveman Hustle, (yes, you read that right) is Melissa and Tony.  They are certainly dressed the part in little pieces of animal skins.  There was hustle, and there was a lot of bustle, and it was a very entertaining routine.  Although the judges noted a couple of missteps, it was not a “perfect” dance; they delivered their normal enthusiasm and love of just still being around.

Scores: (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9.5, Bruno-9)                 Total—27.5               

    For their next dance, they bring us an argentine tango to “Dirty Diana”, and this was a perfectly executed performance.  Melissa looked amazing in flaming red, and her legs go on forever.  Her lines are perfect and they did flips and tricks in this dance, that I cannot recall seeing in one routine before.  It was show-stopping.  They both looked surprised that they pulled it off at the end of the dance.  I am so happy for them, because you can just see that they want it so badly for each other. 

  Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)           Total—30       Overall Total (57.5/60)

     Shawn and Derek are given a Knight Rider Bhangra, and yes, they were as confused and you and I are.  Derek even brought someone in to help him with the choreography.  He incorporated the lights from the Knight Rider car into his outfit, and wow!  That was amazing!  It was fast, exciting, and at the end, even Shawn was out of breath!  Finally, Len was smiling and happy, so you know that it was good! 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)             Total—30                              

     For their next dance, Shawn and Derek are bringing us the argentine tango, to “Bad”.  It was emotional and vulnerable all in the right places.  Only Carrie Ann thought that it lacked passion, Len and Bruno both found it amazing.  The only problem that I found with it was Shawn's hair and dress.  She is an athlete, and in perfect shape, but, needs to dress accordingly, the dress with basically no side was not flattering to her figure, and her hair is much better not pulled to the side.  When you are dancing a romantic dance, looking the part is important, and her stylist missed it this week. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-10, Bruno-10)    Total—29      Overall Total (59/60)

      Apolo and Karina have Big Top Jazz, and it looks like a mime routine for the most part.  Unfortunately, Apolo slips at the beginning, as he is entering (it kind of looked as if he was skating), and I think he may have been off throughout the performance.  Carrie Ann called it “disjointed” and I think she was right; it just wasn't their best number. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8.5, Len-9, Bruno-9.5)             Total—27                              

    For their next dance, they are dancing a rumba to “Man in the Mirror”, and it is sexy,

sensual, and soft.  They are back to being in sync and they are just lovely together.  Apolo is

charming, and truly wants win this competition.  This could put him into the finals.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-10, Len-10, Bruno-10)    Total—30    Overall Total (57/60)

     Emmitt and Cheryl have been given an Espionage Lindy Hop.  Really.  Cheryl will be playing the bad spy and Emmitt the good spy, and they will be blowing up the mirror ball trophy.  It was fast and fun, and more comedic than full of actual dancing.  However, Emmitt is always good for entertaining, and he had to turn on some acting skills this week.  The judges would have preferred more Lindy Hop and less storyline, so we will have to see if that hurts him or not.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9)       Total—27          

     The next dance for them is the tango to “Leave Me Alone”, and again, because it is a restrictive dance, it is not in his comfort zone.  Emmitt is much better when he able to relax and be more free.  Be that as it may, this was a very powerful and strong dance, and he handled it well.  All of the judges noted a few problems with his footwork, and so he obviously struggled this week. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9, Len-9, Bruno-9)    Total—27    Overall Total (54/60)

     Kelly and Val were given the Surfer Flamenco and it is a continuation of their ongoing “love-story”.  I am absolutely going to keep following them on Twitter, they are growing on me.  Anyway, I looked up Flamenco, and I didn't see it in this dance (neither did the judges); it was more of a paso doble, but, wow, the Surfer part.  They started taking off clothes until Val was in a speedo!  A speedo!  Maks has never even been that naked.  Technique may have been missing, but, Bruno was happy. 

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-8, Len-9, Bruno-8.5)    Total—25.5

     For their next dance they have a rumba to “I Just Can't Stop Loving You”, I'm thinking that Val picked the song.  I know that I have been hard on Kelly in the past; however, this is by far the best dance I have ever seen them perform.  They danced like no one else was in the ballroom, it was elegant, and perfect in motion.  When the lights came back on at the end, they were kissing, and I think it was more than part of the routine.  They have yet to score a single 10 however.

Scores:  (Carrie Ann-9.5, Len-9.5, Bruno-9.5)          Total—28.5      Overall Total–(54/60) 


    This is a double elimination night, and the finals are next week!  It is impossible to guess who is going home tonight, because we know it is never really based on dancing, it is about popularity.  Who has the most loyal fans?  Did you vote?  Are you favorites still here? 

Follow the final five here!

Did you miss an episode? Watch it here!

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