Virginia Election Wrap Up

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – President Barack Obama won Virginia's 13 electoral votes for the second presidential election in a row, repeating the swing-state victory that clinched the White House for him in 2008. Obama's narrow victory over Republican Mitt Romney shattered GOP claims his first Virginia victory was a fluke.



Democrat Tim Kaine defeated Republican George Allen in their U.S. Senate race on Election Day. The outcome keeps the seat in Democratic hands and saw Allen thwarted in his bid to regain the seat he had lost six years ago.

The two former governors vied for the seat of retiring Democratic Sen. Jim Webb.



Virginia's U.S. House incumbents have all won re-election. Results of Tuesday's election leave Republicans with an 8-3 advantage over Democrats in the state's House of Representatives delegation.



Voters have approved an amendment to the Virginia Constitution limiting government's ability to take private property through eminent domain.

The amendment approved Tuesday had been championed by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. They argued property rights are so fundamental, they should be enshrined in the Constitution.

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