Man Spends $12,000 Turning Backyard Into Haunted House

(ABC) – A North Texas home is getting a lot of attention. A pair of neighbors turned a home into a huge haunted house.

It requires acres of parking and it's in the
middle of a neighborhood. What's really scary about this haunted is how
passionate Dan Baker is about Halloween.

The father of two, and salesman has spent a
month and $12,000 turning his Lakewood Village backyard into a sprawling
haunted house.

It's getting attention now. The house covers a
quarter of an acre. 30 actors are required to keep it running. Baker's
decked out his yard for years, but this time he teamed up with friends
to make it bigger than ever.

It might be home-made, but by no means, amateur. From having emergency exits, to using low-heat LED lights.

It's expected to draw a thousand people to
the subdivision. Parking no doubt will be a nightmare. Yet, town leaders
approved the idea. A dream for Baker, still in love with a holiday he
never outgrew.

The house is up for only two nights. A lot of work, he admits. For a quick thrill.

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