Virginia Tourism Plans Outlined At Summit

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – A Virginia travel and tourism consultant says visitor experience, authenticity and connectivity are critical for the industry to flourish over the next five years.

The consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers outlined the Virginia Tourism Corp.'s proposed five-year tourism plan during the two-day VA-1 Tourism Summit in Richmond this week.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that tourism is a $20 billion-a-year industry in Virginia that employs more than 200,000 people.

Officials say Virginia's rich history and natural offerings, renowned museums, fine foods and popular events make the state a popular travel destination.

But the state faces some significant challenges on the road to tourism success, particularly when it comes to transportation in certain parts of Virginia.

The tourism plan incorporates the views heard in workshops, interviews and surveys of more 1,300 stakeholders.


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