Investigation of Chesterfield Teacher’s Sex Allegations Continues

MIDLOTHIAN, VA – A substitute teacher and assistant cheerleading coach with the Chesterfield County Public School System was released from employment after accusations that she had sex with a student.

8News has confirmed Anna Michelle Walters, a former employee with the Chesterfield County Public School System, is accused of having sex with a former Cosby High School student.

After 8News broadcast the story Wednesday, Chesterfield Police said Thursday they received numerous tips about the alleged incident. Police are continuing their investigation.

Police also said they are investigating claims that other students may have had sexual contact with Walters.

Chesterfield County Police are investigating the sexual allegations which were made public Sunday when a recent graduated posted graphic text messages and pictures to his Twitter account.

Justin Foster, 18, posted text messages he claims were sent to him from Walters. Nude photos of a woman, Foster claims to be Walters, were also posted the Twitter account.

“For some reason you make me want to do things that I shouldn't or wouldn't normally do, and by shouldn't I mean like the fact you're so much younger than me and a student of mine,” read a text message posted to Foster's Twitter account.

8News has learned the school was made aware of the allegation October 12, and Walters was released from employment with the school system the same day.

According to Walter's LinkedIn account, she had been employed by the Chesterfield County Public School System since January 2012.

8News is told Chesterfield Police are investigating whether the alleged victim was under 18 at the time of the alleged incidents.

In 23 states, it's a crime for any public school employee to have a sexual relationship with a student, regardless of the student's age. Currently, Virginia is not one of those states.

Under current Virginia law, it's not illegal for a public school employee to have a sexual relationship with a student, if the student is of age.

“I think it will be corrected in this upcoming General Assembly session” Delegate Joe Morrissey said.

Democratic Delegate Morrissey and Republic Delegate Manoli Loupassi say the current law needs to change.

“Common sense would dictate to you this is wholly inappropriate; I mean it's not a close call,” said Delegate Loupassi.

In order for the current law to change, at least one lawmaker would have to present a bill at next year's General Assembly.

If the bill passed at the sub and full committees, the House of Delegates and the Senate, the Governor could then sign it into law.

According to Delegate Morrissey, the earliest a bill of this magnitude could become law would be July 1, 2013.

Students at Cosby High School said news of the alleged incident spread quickly.

“The teachers were hush hush, and people would get in trouble if they mentioned anything about it,” said student Colt Stone.

8News showed the graphic text messages and photos to local attorney Russell Stone to see what possible legal ramifications Walters could face, should the former student's claims be true.

“Age is critical in the investigation,” said Stone. “If the student is 18-years-old, then frankly, you're not talking about a criminal offense.”

As for possible legal recourse Walters has against Foster, Stone says there is none.

“Once she sends them out over the airwaves, there's always the chance that someone is going to see them,” Stone said.

Stay with 8News for updates on this developing story.


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