Richmond Woman Aims To Swim Across English Channel

Richmond, VA—A
Richmond woman is aiming to tackle an incredible challenge: swimming across the
English Channel.

Courtney Paulk is an attorney at the Hirschler Fleischer Law
Firm in downtown Richmond,
but she cites her passion as swimming. She swims across the Chesapeake
Bay once per year, a tradition she began 10 years ago.

A few years after, she swam in the Boston
Harbour; now her goal is to navigate
the currents of the English Channel.

An open water
marathon swimmer, Courtney estimates it will take her 14-16 hours to swim
across the Channel. “The English Channel is 21
miles from shore to shore,” she says. “The biggest danger is the cold water.”

Although the Channel is 21 miles across, the currents will
cause her to swim about 35 miles. Paulk feels prepared for the swim, saying “I'm
hopeful that I've done enough training, enough acclimating to the cold water,
and I have a good enough crew to know when to pull me if I need to get pulled.
Hopefully that won't happen, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.”


Copyright 2012 by
Young Broadcasting of Richmond

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