National Mentoring Month

January Is National Mentoring Month:

Senior Connections Sponsors Mentoring Program for

Older Adults Interested In Enhancing the Lives of Children

RICHMOND, VA.  January 3, 2012   National Mentoring Month celebrates the promotion and community awareness about the important role that mentoring can play in child-specific organizations including academic settings. This year, the focus is on showing the positive effects mentoring has on young lives. One of this year's goals is to increase the enrollment of volunteer mentors, especially in programs for young people.

The Richmond Foster Grandparent Mentor Program has been proudly sponsored by Senior Connections, The Capital Area Agency on Aging since 1981.  For the past 29 years, the program has helped thousands of children by providing one-to-one mentoring along with the caring support of Foster Grandparents who have assisted their development.  Mentors have benefited by volunteering their time and helping young children and the organizations who serve as community partners.  This program, which is federally funded by The Corporation for National and Community Service, currently has 60 mentors, age 55 and older, serving more than 100 youth in the Greater Richmond area in Pre-School, Elementary and Middle School, and Head Start settings as well as faith-based and hospital child care centers.  Charlene Cole, Program Manager, stated, “The annual recognition event we held on December 7 to honor our Volunteer Mentors is evident of our appreciation for their generous service that help today's youth grow into tomorrow's leaders.”

For more information about the Richmond Foster Grandparent Mentor Program, please call Deborah Johnson, FGP Volunteer Resource Coordinator at 804-343-3022 or email Ms. Johnson at  

To learn more about other services offered by Senior Connections, please call (804) 343-3000 or visit our website at

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