X-Out Homelessness Event

Awareness Campaign

Purpose: the issue of homelessness is complicated and multi-faceted. As an agency that serves this population, The Daily Planet believes awareness and understanding of the issue by the community is vital to fulfilling our mission and providing much needed services. To help raise awareness about the issue we are partnering with area schools (middle, high and college) to hold an event called X-Out Homelessness.

Idea: on the day of the event students will place two pieces of duct tape on the front of their shirt creating a large “X” to symbolize the theme of the event “X-Out Homelessness”. The students will wear the duct tape all day to raise awareness and help start conversations about the issue. Participating students will receive an info card with information about the issue so they can talk about the issue to their classmates, teachers and faculty. In addition, students will have information on how others can get involved. In essence, students participating will be ambassadors for the issue of homelessness.

When: the event will take place at area schools during National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week which takes place November 13 – November 19, 2011.

Ambassador's Role: School ambassadors will coordinate their school's participation in the X-Out Homelessness Event. Students will attend planning meetings to further the planning of the event. Individual schools will be encouraged to make their “X-Out” event unique and/or hold additional events or a needs drive. Students will participate in brainstorming sessions to explore other ways schools can help raise awareness.

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