Robert Wood’s Dad Defends Park Visit

The father of an autistic boy who went missing in Hanover County for five days last week is responding to criticisms regarding the incident.

Robbie Wood, father of Robert Wood Jr., defended his trip to North Anna Battlefield Park after other family members said he should never have taken Robert to the park.

Robert's grandmother, Norma Jean Williams, said Robbie should never have taken his son to the battlefield or any other park not fenced in.

“Bud will dart away from you, he will run, you have to hang out to him, you have to keep in sight,” said Williams. “There was anger at the fact his dad knew this.”

Tuesday, Robbie Wood released the following statement regarding his son:

“I would like to again extend my thanks and praise to all who successfully recovered my son. Not only did I get my son back, but I feel that I gained thousands of family members last week.

“Robert is doing well! He is feeling better. He is happy. He even has spoken a few words which is very rare! I hope to get him home soon.

“I would like to clear up some things that were said about me in a negative light.

“It has not been months since I have seen my boys. I try to see them every weekend, however, sometimes I am not able to. It is not my effort that keeps me from them. I take them to North Anna Battlefield park all the time. It is a beautiful place that keeps the boys active, and it is not very crowded which takes away a lot of distractions so that I can watch them better. There are many other parks we go to as well. I have never been told not to take them to that park or any other.

“I am sorry I have not been available for comment, but I have not left the hospital for more than about an hour. A sick child's bedside is no place for phone calls to reporters.

“Though I do not have a lot of money, I consider myself to be the one of the wealthiest men in the world…My wealth is in my two little boys. They are they are the world to me, and I hope nobody could possibly think any different.”

-Robbie Wood

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