Henrico Advantage Card Offers Shoppers Savings

Henrico is about to launch the Henrico Advantage Card…

It's a free shoppers card, similar to what you use at grocery stores to get discounts and bonuses.

The difference is you can use the Advantage Card at a wide range of participating retailers including stores, restaurants, and service businesses from Eastern Henrico to Western Henrico.

“Retailers in Henrico County that are participating in the program will be able to change the program and the discounts that they offer, whether it's a free appetizer or a free shirt at the dry cleaners cleaned—whatever they might come up with, they can change the program daily.” Mark Romers is Chair of the Eastern Henrico Business Association. He says the Henrico Advantage Card program was founded by Supervisor Jim Donati and three Henrico business associations—The Eastern Henrico Business Association, The Lakeside Business Association, and Henrico Business Leaders, to stimulate business, and celebrate Henrico's 400th Anniversary.

At least 100 businesses should already be signed up when the program is launched near October 15th…including Sandston Unique Treasures, a little gift and sandwich shop. Owner Jimmy Mehfoud says “We hope it's going to stimulate business especially for small businesses like ours that's been here for a long time in a small community.”

The program is expected to continue through December 2011. The free cards will be available through the business associations, some participating businesses, and a website to be launched soon—www.HenricoAdvantageCard.com— where card members can find the daily deals.

For more information about the program, call 501-4995, or email at advantagecard@co.henrico.va.us

Businesses interested in participating in the program should call the Henrico Finance Dept. at 501-5250.


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