Luscious Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

about 2 dozen

These are marvelous to serve for Mother's Day and the kids can help make them.

  • 2 pints firm ripe blemish-free strawberries (see note)
  • 12 ounces bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, or sweet milk chocolate,
  •   or sweet white chocolate, broken into pieces
  • 2 teaspoons cooking oil
  • 1 long wooden skewer
  • Green short wooden picks (may have paper-frilled tops if desired)
  • Very small sprigs of mint (optional)

Wash and pat dry whole strawberries with absorbent paper.  Remove stems and leaves; allow strawberries to stand for at least 30 minutes on absorbent paper.  In the top of a double boiler, combine chocolate pieces and oil.  Heat over very hot (not boiling) water until chocolate is  melted, blending with a wooden spoon until smooth.  Insert the long wooden skewer into the stem end of each strawberry and then dip into the melted chocolate, liberally coating strawberries.  Place chocolate-covered strawberries on wax paper; remove long skewer and repeat process with remaining strawberries.  Allow chocolate-covered strawberries to stand, away from drafts for at least one hour or until set.  Store in a cool dry place.  Do not refrigerate.

To serve, insert a short green wooden pick and a very small sprig of mint into the stem end of each chocolate-coated strawberry.

Note:  Strawberries are perishable and should be eaten within 48 hours.  Chocolate-dipped strawberries should not be refrigerated as the chocolate may turn an undesirable mottled color, although edible.   

Variation: With a food injector syringe, inject each strawberry with a few drops of brandy or cream sherry or liqueur of choice before dipping in chocolate

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