Nate Eaton | @n8eaton

Born in Ohio and raised in Utah, senior reporter Nate Eaton never thought he’d be living in Richmond…but he and his family are proud to call Virginia home!

Over the years, Nate has covered events that have gripped the nation.

He was there when the DC sniper was executed.  He was on-air for over five hours after a major earthquake rocked the east coast.  He has reported on the Virginia Tech shootings, dozens of presidential visits, and was in the middle of the Outer Banks as Hurricane Irene made landfall. 

Nate is a recipient of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award and has been recognized with over a dozen other awards.  In 2013, 2010, and 2009, the Virginia Associated Press named him the “Outstanding Reporter of the Year.”

Before joining 8News, Nate reported and anchored for KIDK in Idaho.  His first year on the air, the Idaho Press Club named him “Rookie Reporter of the Year.”

Nate’s stories have aired nationally on CNN, FOX News, ABC, “Anderson Cooper 360,” “Dr. Phil,” “Nancy Grace,” and “The Doctor’s.”

Nate graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with honors and served a two year mission for his church in Australia.

Nate and his wife Erica are the proud parents of a little girl and soon-to-be-arriving-boy.  The world watched the Eaton’s announce their second pregnancy with a Taylor Swift parody music video that quickly went viral. You may have seen it on “Good Morning America,” “TODAY,” and dozens of other programs.

Nate may be the only person in the world who’s been a contestant on “The Price is Right” and “Let’s Make a Deal.”  Dressed as a banana and sock money, he and Erica ended up winning the “Big Deal” by picking curtain number 3!

Outside of TV, Nate is busy chasing around his one-year-old, traveling with his family, and is very involved at church.  He’s an active runner and has completed the Richmond marathon…twice!

If you have any story ideas or just want to say “hello”, drop him an email at or follow Nate on Facebook and Twitter.

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