Sex and the City

Four years after they drank their last Cosmo together on TV, the fab-four of “Sex and the City” are back.  And, for better or worse, their love lives are still all over the place.   

Carrie, played Sarah Jessica Parker, is still dating Big with wedding bells looming on the horizon.  Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, is happily married and has an adopted daughter.  Miranda is not so happily married in Brooklyn, while Samantha still lives with her actor boy-toy in Los Angeles.  And Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson joins the cast, as Carrie's assistant.

Saying anything about the script might give too much away, but there are break-ups and two make-ups.  Strangely enough, no surprise hook-ups though.       

Stretching “Sex and the City” from 26 minutes to two hours and 20 minutes takes some of the sparkle off of this HBO gem.  Carrie's columns, full of witty double entendres, guided each of the episodes like a roadmap, telling us where the show would go in the next few minutes.  But, with the movie, viewers don't get that, and there's not enough plot to go around.  What story viewers do get lacks focus.  Admittedly, I don't know Oscar De La Renta from Oscar De La Hoya, so when the movie pauses to let a fashion show play out for more than ten minutes, I couldn't have been more bored.  

The movie suffers from not having enough Samantha.  Her character was robbed of screen time and Cattrall doesn't get to let loose with the character quite like she did on the old show.  True, Die Hard fans of the show will lace up their manolo's and make a bee line for the movie theater, no matter critics say, and I believe the movie will give them what they want.  However, for those of us who were casual fans, the movie needed and wanted a little more.

“Sex and the City” earns 2 ½ out of 4 stars.

Copyright 2008 by Young Broadcasting, Inc.

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