Made of Honor

Patrick Demsey is getting in touch with his feminine side in the film “Made of Honor.”  He plays a love ‘um and leave ‘um-type who takes his female best friend, played by Michelle Monaghan, for granted.   She goes off for a 6 week sabbatical in Scotland and for Patrick, absence makes his heart grow fonder.  Just as he's ready to commit to her, she comes home with not just a boyfriend — but a fiancé.  

Michelle then tells him he has to be her maid of honor… which he says yes to so that he can get close to her, in hopes to change her mind.  It's a tough job though.  Her fiancé, played by Kevin McKidd, seems to be the perfect guy.    

“Made of Honor” is cute and more funny than expected, but it's also very contrived.  When the courtship and engagement last less than two months and the rehearsal dinner includes a full day of Scottish highland games, viewers get the feeling that the honeymoon may be over for the movie.  Michelle Monaghan epitomizes the hottie girl next door and Patrick Dempsey is charming enough, even if the role makes him into a bit of a selfish jerk for many scenes in the film.  The film needed more scenes of them together as friends, to set up the premise of the movie.  And there's not one single scene in the film that viewers cannot see coming from the parking lot of the movie theater which, while it gives the audience what they want, maybe a few clichés could have been side-stepped.

“Made of Honor” earns 2 ½ out of 4 stars. 

Copyright 2008 by Young Broadcasting, Inc.

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