Gorgeous George is really taking his licks on the gridiron in the new film “Leatherheads.” 

Set in 1925, he plays the star of the Duluth Bulldogs who is watching pro-football collapse around him.  He hires a college football superstar and war hero, played by John Krasinki, to help generate some interest in the team.  And Renee Zellwegger is the spunky reporter who smells a story but she's not convinced that the stars war story is on the level.   

Leathertheads is modestly enjoyable.  It is kind of mish-mashed of several genres.  Screwball comedy, underdog sports movie, keystone cops-it's all there.  Viewers will half expect the cast to burst out in song because this film is so old fashioned.  

George Clooney directs the film, with a gentle hand, getting just the right sunset hue to make viewers believe this is not just a film about the 1920s, but a film from the 1920s.  

The dialogue is peppered with the rapid fire quips and corny comebacks that viewers would expect from a classic war of the sexes film.  

Clooney is Hollywood's modern day leading man.  Viewers can really see why watching him play with his craft a bit, by dipping into this older style of acting.  Zellwegger matches him pretty well too, even if they could have used one or two more romantic scenes together.

“Leatherheads” sticks it in the end zone more often the not.

The film earns 3 out of 4 stars.

Copyright 2008 by Young Broadcasting, Inc.

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