The Bank Job

The true story of an unsolved bank robbery is the basis for the new movie “The Bank Job.”

Jason Statham is making withdraws, not deposits, as he plays a car salesman who is talked into helping pull off a huge heist.  Saffron Burroughs is the woman with the mysterious past who has inside information on getting inside the bank vault.  And together, they assemble a motley crew of the usual suspects to help them tunnel under the bank.

This movie is full of money, jewelry and some deep dark secrets that are scandalous, all the way up to the crown.

Before the thieves know it, they are being hunted by Scotland Yard, the police, the black power movement and some seriously ticked off mobsters.  That's when things get very ugly.

Peppered with laughs and plenty of crosses, double crosses and even a triple cross or two, the bank job is an enjoyable  thriller.

This movie is based on the true story of a still unsolved heist at a bank in London.  Although it is tough to tell where the truth stops and the fiction starts-which is sometimes frustrating-this clash in the film adds to its mystique.

It is nice to see a film set in the early ‘70s, before computers so the low tech nature of the crime also boosts the fun factor.  And speaking of that era, it is not filled wall to wall with distracting fashions and music; instead, it incorporates the social issues of the time into the storyline. 

Jason Statham is terrific action star and even this film is a bit out of his usual range, there is plenty of brooding and even a few fistfights for him to play to his strengths.

Viewers will not feel robbed if they pay to see “The Bank Job.”

This movie earns 3 ½ out of 4 stars.

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