The Hitcher

An urban legend gets the re-do this weekend with “The Hitcher.”

Zachary Knighton and Sophia Bush are the co-eds on their way to spring break. Sean Bean is the hitchhiker (with an agenda) that they pick up along the way.

Filmmakers need to realize that a killer who plays by the rules of reality is way scarier than the omnipotent superhuman psychos that populate movies like this. And when did horror stop being about scaring people and more about loading the screen with so much gore you're afraid you're going to lose your lunch?

For less than half the price of a movie ticket to see “The Hitcher,” you can rent the similarly themed “Joyride” on DVD. That 2001 release is much more entertaining than this bomb.

“The Hitcher” earns one 1 out of 4 stars.

Morgan Dean, At the Box Office for 8NEWS

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