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The island of Kauai has all the makings of a tropical paradise, from its towering mountains that plunge from the heavens to the sea, to its warm, inviting waters. Many come here to soak up the sun, the beauty and to simply relax, but some are beckoned here for another reason: adventure. The adventure possibilities are endless. It would take months to experience all that Kauai has to offer. But if you’re up for it, there’s a way to pack a week’s worth of adventure into a single day. It’s called the Kipu Falls Zipline Safari, an adrenaline-filled day packed with all kinds of adventures.

“We're going to kayak, we're going to hike, we're going to swim, we're going to have lunch at a 120-foot waterfall, we're going to do a zipline, we're going to do another big rope swing, we're going to jump off a cliff, and then at the end we're going to take a nice, mellow boat ride because we're going to be too tired to paddle back”, says our guide Amy Langley.

The Zipline Safari is just one of many tours offered by Outfitters Kauai. Amy has been a guide since she quit her job as a news photographer in Arizona and moved to Kauai in 1999.

Amy says in her old job, she “was driving around at 100 miles per hour, it was deadline after deadline after deadline.” Now, “I just have to be at work on time, make sure I get everybody back safe and it’s a good day, you know?”

Our day of adventure begins on the southeast side of the island, kayaking up the Huleia River . We paddle easily upstream, passing by beautiful, lush scenery as we’re pushed along by the wind. As we paddle, we encounter a myriad of wildlife, pass through amazing landscapes and witness magical waterfalls. We continue on for a short while through the dense canopy along wet, muddy trails. Hiking beneath towering banyan trees, we eventually reach our destination and see our next adventure. It’s an infamous zipline that hovers above a tumbling waterfall.

“It’s about 75 feet up and it’s about 300 feet across,” says Amy. “You just have to take one big step forward and that's it. So this is the easiest thing you'll do all day.”

The ride is a total adrenaline rush. After a few zips and a little lunch we’re on the move again. We hike on another rugged trail through dense vegetation and across a flowing river to our final stop, Kipu Falls . The picturesque pool has cool, deep waters for swimming, talls cliffs for jumping and several ropes to swing into the water. So we decide to test the waters ourselves. We swim to the far side of the pool, scale the tree-lined walls and walk out to the edge of a 25-foot cliff to take the plunge.

With our jump complete, our day of adventure is over. We’re wet, we’re cold, we’re tired, but we’d do it all again. It was a true tropical adventure along Kauai ’s beautiful backroads.

BAB Show #S4

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